Chemical Cleaning Services

Chemical Cleaning Services

Chemical Cleaning Services

Chemical cleaning covers a wide range of applications and can generally be broken down into two main categories: Pre-Operational Cleaning and Post-Operational Cleaning.

Pre-Operational chemical cleaning is done after the construction of a new piping system and prior to the commissioning and start-up of the system. The goal may be to remove rust, scale, oils, construction grease, debris, oxides, or other contaminants prior to putting the pipe into service. We offer a wide range of solutions depending on the type of contaminants present and the cleanliness level required. This includes degreasing, fill and soak pickling, circulation acid cleaning, passivation, neutralization, and others. This wide range of options allows us to target the right solution for your project and ensure a more efficient commissioning and start-up phase for you and your end client.

Post-Operational chemical cleaning is for vessels and piping systems which have already been in operation for some period of time. The goal may be to eliminate H2S, LEL’s, Benzene, Ammonia, Pyrophoric Iron, Sludge, Wax, or other contaminants prior to doing any mechanical work on the vessel or piping system. This is done to ensure the safety of the workers and prevent any incidents caused by exposure to these contaminants. As with pre-operational cleaning, we offer a number of solutions depending on what contaminants are present in your systems and what the end goal of the cleaning is. This allows us to select the right chemical cleaning methodology for your unique scenario and ensure that you are able to execute your scope efficiently and without incident.


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