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Surendranath Dhanekula


Founded Trans Asia in 2006 in UAE. Provides direction and leadership towards the company’s mission, strategy and objectives”

Sachin Sanghai

Sachin Sanghai


Joined Trans Asia in 2010. Leads the development and execution of Group’s long term strategy. Also responsible for development of new business opportunities that supports Company growth. “


     Robert Fraser

Director – UK, EU & Africa

Industry stalwart with more than 45 years of experience with Pipeline and Process Services. Held senior positions with PPS companies. prior to joining Trans Asia. Is responsible for establishing company operations in EU & West Africa “


     Amarendra K

Head Operations

Joined Trans Asia in 2006. Is responsible for company operations, projects management & supply chain management
An effective leader who quickly masters new roles and technologies to achieve positive results, Works extremely well with team members from diverse backgrounds”


     Amol Bhosale

Head Business Development

Has several years of experience working in Oil & Gas Sector in Middle East. Is responsible for BD, Marketing and Sales. has exemplary planning and implementation capabilities. Highly trained in data science and market intelligence analytics and market categorization”


    Olena Petrovets

Head Finance

Experienced financial professional responsible for planning, implementing and controlling company’s finances. Leads accounting, auditing, forecasting, strategic planning and data analysis “


     Ramesh Yerra

Regional Manager SE Asia

Responsible for Company operations in SE Asia. An Engineer with an eye for details, is extremely proficient business manager. More than 15 years of experience with pipeline services, process services, detailed engineering and execution of complex projects “

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